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A team of sports fans, building one integrated multi-sport platform to help participants of all levels own their playing field. Analytics for everyone.

Who we are

BoomStatsAnalysis (BSA) is a cloud based, responsive data gathering platform that enables players, coaches and clubs to evaluate their performance with no bias, based on in-match events.

Enter your player or team performance data, upload videos and generate insights and reports from your personalised  information dashboard.

BSA also enables the capture of wellness, training and fitness data. In fact, you can customise your labels to capture any event that is important to you.

Our easy-to-use graphing system allows you to compare any event in your data set against any other.

Want to see whether sleep hinders a player’s match contribution or if a huge week in the gym impairs the ability to shoot three pointers?

Now you can.

We always recommend the first time you use BoomStatsAnalysis that you start with one player and track them through a game.

For every sport you are able to enter individual players, entire teams and even leagues.

Then you can create matches and track as many or as few in-match events as you wish.

We always recommend the first time you use BoomStatsAnalysis that you start with one player and track them through a game.

This method allows you to see the full power of the system, whilst maintaining control of the events you capture.

OUR Platform covers

Rugby Union


Lacrosse (Womens + Mens)

Handball (European)

AFL (Womens + Mens)

Rugby League




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training on the software?

Our software is built to be intuitive, but we know what it’s like to use something for the first time. See our how-to videos on the Product page, for an introduction to using the BSA platform. If you need further help, be sure to get in touch and we are more than happy to talk you through any of the features and functions we have on the BSA platform. Our contact details are on our Contact Us page. 

Do you offer club plans?

We would be pleased to speak with you about the scope and level of data analysis that you need. We have price points for multiple licence purchases and our team is available to discuss with you at any time. 

Can I extend my trial period?

We know that sometimes it’s easy to get excited about a product and sign up, only to remember weeks later that you really did mean to use it! Let us know if you’ve not used your trial membership – our team is happy to help.

What if i want to cancel?

We think our software is pretty awesome, but if you find it’s not what you need, you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

How do we use video with the software?

Your video upload is available from your match page, where you capture on-field events for your players or team. If you are still unsure of how this feature works, please see our Product page for how-to videos on where to find all of our software functions. If you’re still stuck, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help. Contact details are on our Contact Us page.

Can I use the data for predictive analysis?

If you feed it, it will grow! The more data you capture on the BSA platform the more insights you will begin to see. Our graphing function gives you forward facing analysis that can be used to theorise future event outcomes. 

Can I share my data?

Yes, you can share your data several different ways; via Twitter, Facebook, or download and email.

Is my data backed up?

The BSA platform uses secure AWS storage – your data is in safe hands.