BoomStatsAnalysis (BSA) is a cloud based, responsive data gathering platform which enables players, coaches and clubs to evaluate their performance based on in-match events, with no bias.

Enter your player or match performance data, upload videos and generate insights and reports in your own personalised information dashboard.

BSA also enables the capture of wellness, training and fitness data. In fact, you can customise your labels to capture any event that is important to you.

Our easy-to-use graphing system allows you to compare any event in your data set against any other.

Want to see whether sleep hinders a player’s match contribution or if a huge week in the gym impairs the ability to shoot three pointers?

Now you can.

Our platform  covers the following  sports:

  • Basketball
  • Rugby Union
  • Football
  • Lacrosse (Women’s and Men’s)
  • Handball (European)
  • AFL (Women’s and Men’s)
  • Netball
  • Rugby League

For every sport you are able to enter individual players, entire teams and even leagues. Then you can create matches and track as many or as few in-match events as you wish.

We always recommend the first time you use BoomStatsAnalysis that you start with one player and track them through a game. This method allows you to see the full power of the system, whilst maintaining control of the events you capture.