What happens when you get a bunch of sports heads together who work in technology? Well, there’s a lot of ideas.

A while ago, we took one of those ideas and starting making a tool that the average person could use, to mimic the way professional sports athletes keep track of their statistics. We built a platform for the statistics-gathering tool to sit on, and a database to store all of the information. We looked at it and thought, cool. And it was.

But when the platform that you’re building can do so many things, for so many different types of users, it’s hard not to want it to do…Everything (we imagine Morgan Freeman saying that bit).

We’d started off wanting to give people a place to store their sporting statistics. Then we thought, Ooh why don’t we try ingesting video so people can enter their stats later, whenever they feel like it. And then we thought, Hey wouldn’t it be cool if the video could automatically recognise some basic on-field events and splice them together for you? Very cool. Then came graphs, and reports of historical events with comparison analysis, so you could identify patterns of play. We also wanted to include wellness and fitness tracking, which are so important in identifying areas of potential improvement or concern. And we wanted to make sure everything could be shared, via email or social media (otherwise, did it actually happen?) And then we thought What if you could see where two or more players had an ‘x’ factor when they were on the field together…a synergy player model. And so on it went.

At some point we had to stop and say okay that’s it, enough. Even professional faffers (we prefer perfectionists) need an end point.

So we stopped building and started testing. And given that we are perfectionists (okay, faffers) you can imagine how that went. We tested and then we had some customer feedback sessions, made improvements and tweaks, tested again, and then tested some more.

There’s so much more in the pipeline, e.g. GPS auto tracking, AI machine learning capabilities, automatic ingestion of fitness and wellness data from your personal apps…it’s all coming. But for now, we’re letting our little baby out into the world and we hope you like the results.

We live for feedback and always welcome your opinion of our product, good or bad, so don’t hesitate to contact us via info@boomstatsanalysis.com or on twitter @boomstats