As a designated analyst, whether you are a paid staff member or a volunteer or a parent looking to help out your child, you will have the issue of cutting up video.

This can be time consuming and error prone.

Luckily for you BoomStatsAnalysis has created an autoimated video analysis tool which will automatically cut up video based on match actions you have added to your match screen on the platform.

Want so see all the actions in a match for a particular player? Then no problem, just simply upload the video and press the clip video button. On the players match page as well as your team pages you wil have a neatly clipped video ready to view and share with coaches, team members or even scholarship officers.

Our video analysis feature on our sports analysis platform is available to the following sports (and when we add more sports, it will be available for those sports also):

What sports do we cover?

  • Football,
  • Rugby Union,
  • Basketball,
  • Lacrosse,
  • Handball,
  • AFL,
  • Surfing

By automating the video analysis feature of matches, we are freeing up analysts to concentrate on adding value to their team rather than tagging plays for hours at a time.