We have a multi-sport open platform that allows users to capture data, clip video (fully automated), capture fitness and wellness data and also measure the synergy between players in their team as well capturing all your match events, while providing graphing and sharing options.

Not too mention all your player and team stats.

What is an open platform? Well we do not restrict you to one sport, which, if you are a school or university is an obvious cost saving.

We have a number of sports, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse,  Rugby, Handball  to name a few…

This functionality is standard to all of our customers, whether you are a club, a coach a mum or dad looking to invest in their child’s sporting future or perhaps you are a sports consultancy looking for a stable platform, then read on…

We can white label our platform to be branded as your own, we will make sure everything is ticking over nicely while we keep adding new professional level sports analysis features allowing you to concentrate on winning new customers.

Get in touch and ask us a question, we are always happy to chat sports!