Are you a Football, Basketball, Handball, Netball, Lacrosse or Rugby club that employs a third party to do our analysis for you?

Did you make that decision based on the complexity of the video analysis products available?

With BoomStatsAnalysis, we have taken all the complexity out of the analysis for you. Need to know your shooting efficiency? We have that covered, do you need to know your lineout efficiency? Number of rucks attended? Maybe centre pass wins, assist %? Assist/Turnover ratio of your players? Yep, we have these covered too.

Simply analyse your match on our cloud based platform for $20 AUD per month and don’t look back. All your video is clipped for you, ready to share with your players or fellow coaches. That stats are there, let’s not forget the inbuilt athlete management system that helps track your players fitness and wellness. Want to compare that info to match performance? You guessed it, using BoomStatsAnalysis allows you to do that too.

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