The GISB Blue Flames are a women’s football team, who play in the Adidas Creators Premier League in Mumbai and they also use our analysis platform.

GISB are a great example of a progressive football team, they are owned by the Global Institute of Sports Business ( in Mumbai, the students on the course are heavily involved in all aspects of team management as well as their course.

The Blue Flames have been using the BoomStatsAnalysis platform through their current 2019 season.

The team has been improving round on round in a very competitive league.

Neel Shah, Head Sports Education had this to say about our platform:

“BoomStatsAnalysis has proved to be a nifty platform for our students to begin explore sports performance analytics. The tools are easy to use for beginners and it progressively allows one to skilfully navigate through features like individual player game analysis and selective clipping of embedded videos. The minted data is shareable and that truly helped our team to simultaneously monitor the team performance.”

BoomStatsAnalysis product features and pricing.

Jeremy Beynon, from BoomStatsAnalysis:

“We are excited about the Blue Flames using our platform. It is really satisfying to see a fully engaged team that is looking to maximise the benefits at both the team and individual player level.”

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