There are a lot of performance analysis applications available for coaches, teams, sports scientists and performance analysts available to use.

The vast majority of them good solid options, they are though generally a stand  alone application and not a platform that provides the performance analyst a one stop shop for their performance analysis.

What we have done at BoomStatsAnalysis is to combine many facets of the performance analysts job onto one platform.

Our performance analysis platform contains an automated video analysis tool, which automatically cuts players clips and provides the analyst the opportunity to share.

We have the ability to capture your teams wellness and fitness data. We provide the performance analyst with insights into player synergy – which combinations of players work well together.

We have the ability to download your match actions and obviously the ability to capture those actions.

We have professional level analytics built into the core of our performnce analysis platform.

We can, if you are a analysis consultancy or starting your own performance analysis business – white label the product so your customers see all of the above with your branding.

The above functionality is only the start, we have many features in development and are fully committed to growing our feature set to be the unrivaled market leader in performance analysis for all levels of competition.