As you may be aware we launched our cricket nets analysis product this week. This is it in the wild…

We were contacted by a Dad whose son receives a private coaching session with a cricket coach. The Dad was keen to see how the analysis would play out at his sons net session.

The son is a representative player.

Whilst we did the analysis (feel free to get in touch with us to learn more), to keep the experience as authentic as possible we asked the father to record the session on his phone and upload the video himself.

Here is the fully cut video of the sons batting session.

Here though are a breakdown of the players shot distribution through the session.

Cricket analysis

Cricket analysis

As the sessions go by the Dad and coach will be able to see variety of shot choices and importantly compare deliveries faced to how a player is getting out in a match.

As all the shots are individually clipped as well as providing one complete video the player or coach can look at all forward defensive’s, cover drives etc.. easily. Here are the players forward defensive shots from that session.

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