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Player Synergy

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Live Match Captures

Player and Team Stats

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Feature Highlights

Automated Video analysis

Load your match videos and make your data capture easier. Filter videos on match events to compare performance or clip together a highlight reel. 

Player Synergy

Don’t miss out on a chance to see where players affect other players. Build combinations that lead to scoring opportunities and see which configuration brings out the best in your team.

Wellness data

Track your sleep, mindset, food intake or any other wellness measurement you’d like to with our customised labelling system.

Fitness data capture

It’s not all about team sports. The BSA platform provides a fitness tracking space to examine patterns of performance, in the gym, during training or however you measure your fitness. Customise your own labels to track what you want, how you want. 

Live match graphing

The BSA system is responsive. Once you start entering data, your graphs will move to show you where the on-field performance is heading. Know in real time where to adjust and improve. 

Player and team stats

Whether it’s for storage, sharing, targeted performance insights or for simple stats recording, the BSA platform provides a reliable, easy-to-use tool for all levels of play.