It’s about sport; analysing it and getting the outcomes you deserve.

Create an account and then upload your match video, enter your training, wellness or match statistics and use them to generate reporting insights.

Who should use BoomStatsAnalysis?

We have designed our product to be easily used by any or a combination of the following:

Coaches – both amateur and professional coaches can use BSA to analyse their own team’s performance or conduct opposition analysis
Parents – track your child’s performance for school or for fun
Junior /Amateur Players – improve your performance and build your portfolio. Get an edge with your scholarship application and share your data with your future coach
Schools and universities –  our platform covers multiple sports
Teams and clubs – want to measure multiple data sets of team performances? We have that covered in licence bundles
Sports data science students – use the data we collect or enter your own for statistical analysis


Are you looking  to set up your own  business to analyse players? Then get in touch (twitter)  and we can chat about the set up that’s right for you.