The scholarship application process is hard. Hard for students, hard for university staff evaluating talent.

Hard for everyone.

Here at BoomStatsAnalysis HQ we want to help out in the process.

If you are a student starting the application process, why not use our platform to cut up your match film/video. generate your analytics, even add in some fitness and wellness data. Then simply invite the coach of the team you are applying for the scholarship with to view your account.

You can invite up to 100 people to view your match film, simply by adding their email.

The coach won’t need to pay for an account, they can open a free one to view your information.

What about the coaches I hear you cry!

Well, this works in reverse for the coaches. You can now assess a player from Australia, Florida, France all side by side on your account if the athlete shares their account with you. The time and cost savings of this feature are obvious.

Get in touch if you would like a demonstration of how seamless all of this is for you.