Since creating BoomStatsAnalysis platform we have seen academies as a perfect fit for our platform.

Are you involved with a teams academy? Have you been looking for a cost effective solution that will allow you to combine video analysis, analytics, fitness, wellness and general team tracking in one place?

We firmly believe that our product is a perfect fit for academies.

By using the BoomStatsAnalysis platform you will be able to:

  • The ability to track players performance over a period of time
  • The ability to review all video clips
  • The ability to track stats over time, change the date parameters as tactics or the players position changes
  • Track players as they move through academy structures
  • Compile and maintain the fitness and wellness records
  • Share all the information securely with other coaches in the academy
  • Review decisions on why players were let go and have become successful at other clubs.

You have all this functionality available to you when you sign up for a trial, if you would like a personal run through then just get in touch on the contact page.