If you are, how do you get your match film and data to your prospective colleges?

Can we safely assume that you have to download and clip the film yourself, before stitching them together and uploading to a platform to accompany your application. what about your analytics? Do you send your data with your application? How about your fitness data? Right now it’s probably safe to assume that you would be using 3 or 4 different applications to collect some or all of this and getting it into the same spot is tiresome and difficult.

That wouldn’t be the case if you were using BoomStatsAnalysis, all the features above come as standard on our platform and as for sharing with your prospective college, just put the college coaches email in the sharing facility (up to 100 emails can be added) and they will be able to see all your data, all your match film (full or clipped).

BoomStatsAnalysis can save you time, energy and allow you to broaden your scope instantly – not to mention help with your performance.

Why not give our 14 day free trial a go.