So you’re a young player with big dreams of playing in the professional leagues one day. How do you keep your stats? If you’re hoping to take the university or college scholarship route, then it’s a good bet you’ve got a bunch of excel spreadsheets somewhere clogging up your hard drive, or even a stack of paper records in a drawer where no one can see them.

What if you could easily store your stats online, in one place, and retrieve them instantly, whenever you needed? Not only that but what if you could use the stored data to show you where you need improve in order to match up to other players? How about sharing the data to maximise an opportunity? What if sharing those stats helped the right people to find you…

One of the main drivers of our product development was to help amateurs and junior players create a sporting record; a place to digitally store every statistic related to their sporting performance. A portfolio that can be shared with any potential educational institution, any scout, any future coach, or even a current coach.

The BoomStatsAnalysis platform allows any subscriber with a log in to create their own statistical portfolio; individual performance, training results, match summaries, and more. Plus reporting insights across all statistical events. All available on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It’s like carrying your sporting career in your pocket.